REZOS BRANDS S.A. is a food oriented Greek SME, founded in 1983 in Patras, Western Greece. The founders with extensive experience amongst others in sales, distribution & logistics, took the challenge of delivering quality, reliability and passion, and categorized the company as one of the leading forces in the highly competitive market in which we operate.

Through time, REZOS BRANDS S.A achieved a steady workforce growth rate, as a result of the gradual establishment of our company in the Greek market. Our constantly growing sales, reflect our investment in strategic partnerships and infrastructure, our deep knowledge of the Greek market and also the commitment to opening new prospects for further development and profitability. This gives us the drive to make new steps of development, to invest in our people and set realistic goals that will reinforce our constant growth.

The company is divided into 3 operational sectors
Commercial, Distribution & Logistics

Main activity is the distribution and the development of national sales networks of imported and local food & beverages products, operating in the Greek market.

Farming sector

We invested in our multifunctional farm at Meteora in Central Greece, by adopting the vertical business model of super fruits cultivation: from the farm to the supermarket shelf.

European Research & Development

Research & Development refers to the research activities carried out by the department in order to upscale existing products and services, funded by various European programs and initiatives.


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European R&D Department